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I hadn't heard about Simon Singh earlier. Was just going through the science section of Crossword Store and chanced upon 'The Code Book - The Secret History of Codes and Code Breaking'. Its an absolutely enthrawlling book - full of intrigue and thrill, toil and determination, passion and hard work with lots of science and lots of luck. It has been a while that I read someone who puts across mathematics with such amazing simplicity and clarity, coupled with stories around those events with pace of a racy thriller.

That lead me to his next book - 'Big Bang - The most important scientific discovery of all time and why you need to know about it'. You think of Big Bang and you think of Stephen Hawking but honestly, how many of us can actually claim to understand and appreciate its nuances. One should start with this one. Right from Earth centred view, to Sun Centred View, to Einstein's revolutionary theories to the creation of Universe, with a BANG, the BIG BANG.

If 'The Code Book' arouses your interest in Mathematics, this one will bring out the Physicist in you. In the end its the Science, which is the winner. And so be it. Amen.

Go for it.


nilima said…
hi ajit...very interesting blog...wonderful way to share your views and thoughts and give us an insight into the real ajit...pls be regular..looking fwd to more musings from u
Rishi said…
Ajit...check out Bill Bryson's - a short history of nearly everything"...

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