007 The Man With The Golden Gun

Aug 11, as the news rushed in our office that Abhinav won Gold at Beijing - our chest swelled with pride, what a ecstasic moment. It appeared as everyone had won Gold. He won the first individual Gold for India in 108 years. Event - 10m air rifle and score 104.5 . Metaphorically, it was like rains on the years of parched earth. A country of billion people had to wait for so long for this feat. Probably its a comment on us, system and administration on how we treat sports and sportsmen. Even though he is 25, he probably deserves Bharat Ratna for this stands out as a greatest sporting feat for this country in the modern era. Even Kapil said, this betters the India's '83 world cup win in cricket. The is far more 'global' and far more prestigious. Olympics is for the toughest, ohysically and mentally fittest, with best of the best taking part. Hence unless we get the Olympics right, we will never be a sporting nation. I have written earlier also on sports and sporting facilities in our country. The government infrastructure is so pathetic and the private so expensive that someone like Abhinav deserve kudos for the perseverence, determination and confidence with which he pursued his passion. More so, when he has been victim of criticism whether he was rewarded too early with Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna and others post his International wins. Going by his style, he never made his displeasure public. Rather what a way to silence them for ever. He is now the World champion and the Olympic champion. I admire his calm and composure upon his win, which is what a shooter should be made of. He is the man of iron muscles and nerves of steel, our 007, our Abhinav James Bond Bindra, our Arjun. Many congratulations to him.


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