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Life is a very interesting experience. It has been like never-before designed roller-coaster with sharpest bends and falls, unmatched acceleration, resulting in extreme fear and excitement. May be it’s the newest extreme-sport in the current recession era.

This one is about my own career and life. I was looking to move on from my current job, having worked good nine years, as the place developed a sinking atmosphere, aimless and without any challenges and excitement. I felt as if I was losing my sharpness by the day, which was unacceptable to me. The only problem was that with the entire economy in tatters, nothing meaningful was coming by. I worked on a two pronged strategy; one – reaching out to my relationships and consultants and two – reaching out to almighty invoking him to set my destiny on the right path. I felt as if AR Rehman wrote this beautiful composition for me.

Marrammat Muqqaddar Ki Kar De Maula

Arziyaan Saari Main Chehre Pe Likh Ke Laaya Hoon
Tumse Kya Maangu Main Tum Khud Hee Samajh Lo

Dararein Dararein Hain Maathhe Pe Maula
Marammat Muqqaddar Kee KAr Do Maula, Mere Maula

Tere Dar Pe Jhukaa Hoon Meeta Hoon, Banaa Hoon
Marammat Muqqaddar Kee Kar Do Maula, Mere Maula

Submission to GOD or Guru, gives you formidable strength, courage and solace to bear and fight out moments of stress. Most importantly it brings peace with yourself. Having been a spectator of this sport myself, my mind wandered thinking where I am headed. I would casually answer to my friends, ‘Dekho Kismet Kahan Le Jaati Hai’ ( Lets see where does destiny take me). And suddenly, I was filled with thoughts around this abstract concept of Kismet and its variances Taqdeer, Muqqaddar, Fate, Luck, Destiny…

What went through my mind, was a storm of emotions and I captured it by writing this couplet.

Mere Muqqddar Mujhe Yahan Se Kahin Aur Le Chal

Mere Haath Kee Lakeeren Ab Bhi Tere Marammat Mein Hain
Jodta Jaa Aur Inhe Us Manjil Ki Raah Dikhla De
Jahaan Josh Ho, Umang Ho, Sukoon Ho, Sach Ho, Sach Ka Saath Ho
Himmat Ho, Chaah Ho, Raah Ho, Tum Ho

Nahin to Inhe Phir Se Likh
Mere Muqqaddar Mujhe Yahan Se Kahin Aur Le Chal

This is something which has nettled people all around seeking answers in astrology, palmistry, gemstones, tarots, and what not. I gazed at my palms, wondering, whether actually one’s fate is captured in these lines. Do they really convey something?

I generally come across people who take all the credit for good things happening to them and blaming their ‘Kismet’ for everything negative. Do you remember Jagjit Singh singing:

Rekhaon Ka Khel Hai Muqqaddar
Rekahon Se Maat Kha Rahe Ho

To me, its about the attitude you wear. Choosing to stay positive is tough but not impossible. Needs tons of energy otherwise, but if your foundation has been built on the strength of character, then it’s not all that tough. Something we should give to our kids as they prepare for this extreme sport. I recall, Emerson, clearly echoing similar thoughts.

Sow a thought and you reap an act
Sow an act and you reap a habit
Sow a habit and you reap a character
Sow a character and you reap a destiny

One should easily expect two to three serious and derailing situations which will have the potential to make or break one’s life and threaten one’s career. Coming out of those depths will depend on individual’s character, courage, positive thoughts, friends, spirituality and positive thoughts. It’s about conditioning the mind. ‘Men are not prisoners of Fate, but only prisoners of their own mind’, said Franklin Roosevelt.

If your driving desire is positive, destiny will always stay on the positive course. Picking up the famous quote from our Upanishads:

You are what your deep driving desire is;
As your deep driving desire is, so is your will;
As your will is, so is your deed;
As your deed is, so is your destiny.

So the deed is basically your Karma. So one should practice the Yoga of Karma and choose to be Karma Yogi. Shrimad Bhagvad Geeta, is a good reference point, to understand this piece in detail.

Rather than focusing on this, people fruitlessly tend to seek solution elsewhere. Many reach out to astrologers, wearing combination of gemstones etc. Do you believe that these have the power to change the course of your life or absorb negative happenings? May be it helps one remains calm, having sought divine intervention. I am not totally against it, but shouldn’t get subordinated or only rely on them hope for miracles to happen, else it will only lead to desolation.

Tune Ungli Mein Sajaa To Liya Patthar Lekin
Teri Taqdeer Badal Jaye, Ye Jaroori To Nahin

Moving on to something lighter, there is hardly any subject which has stayed untouched by Indian Cinema. Hence can’t resist taking examples from it. The most unforgettable for me was AB riding the bike and singing cheerfully.

Rote Hue, Aate Hain Sab, Hansta Hua Jo Jayega
Woh Muqqaddar Ka Sikandar, Jaane Man Kahlayaga

Another one, where two friends, Shammi Kapoor Ji and Dilip Kumar Ji contradicting each other, talk about fate and planning.

Haathon Ki Chand Lakeeron Ka
Sab Khel Hai Bas Taqdeeron Ka

Taqdeer Bhala Kya Main Kya Janoon
Main Ashiq Hoon Tadbeeron Ka

Treading into negative territory, this number, challenges one to punt on one’s own ability.

Tadbeer Se Bigdee Huyee Taqdeer Banaa Le
Apne Pe Bharosa Hai to Daanv Lagaa Le

Dartaa Hai Zamaane Ke Nighaahon Se Bhala Kyoon
Insaaf Tere Saath Hai Ilzaam Uthaa Le

The recent movie ‘Oye Lucky Lucky Oye’ was on very similar theme. The swindler-hero, high on self-belief, always ends up escaping from the clutches of law.

The subject has been the fodder for ‘Shayars’. I am sure this subject would have ranked as their favorite had a poll been conducted. There is none, who has not touched upon and written extensively on this subject. Choosing to stay in Gam ( Sorrow ), sacrificing their love, deriving joy out of that sorrow, ultimately faulting their Kismet for what bechanced them. Many beautiful Ghazals and Shers have captured this concept. Can be a blog subject in itself. I put across couple of them.

Yeh Na Thee Hamaree Kismet Ke Wisaal-Ye-Yaar Hota
Agar Aur Jeete Rehte, Yahee Intezaar Hota

( Was not my destiny to meet my love. Had I lived more, would have longed more…)

Mere Haathon Se Gir Gayi Lakeeren Kahin
Bhool Aaye Hum Apni Taqdeerein Kahin
Agar Mile Tumko Kahin To Utha Lena
Mere Hisse Ki Har Khushi Apne Haathon Pe Saja Lena

I love this one

Aqal Waalon Ke Muqqaddar Mein Yeh Zauk-e-Junoon Kahan
Yeh Ishq Waley Hain, Jo Har Cheez Lutaa Detey Hain

Anyway coming back to me, my efforts of looking out did pay off. Closing two and both of my likings was such a ego-booster. I thank my Guru and Lord for loving me and bestowing their blessings on me. I close this blog with the powerful thoughts as they run my mind and aptly put across in the couplet.

Bikhri Hooyee Umeedon Ko Jod
Aaj Phir Se Nayaa Mukaam Paana Hai

Har Dil Mein Padi Khamosh Dhadkan
Mein Aaj Sahlab Laana Hai

Is Andhere Se Nazar Aane Wale Us Taraf Ke Ujaale Ko
Iraadon Se Yahaan Muqammal Kar Laana Hai

Ik Saath Karke Apni Taqdeeron Ko
Aaj Apna Ek Naya Muqqaddar Banaana Hai

Fateh Kar Sabhi Jahaano Ko
Sitaron Ki Tarah Chha Jaana Hai

Mili Hui Is Shikast Ko
Shikast Ka Rukh Dikhlaana Hai

Or may be as Sir Iqbal put it...

Khudi ko Kar Buland Itna, Har Taqdeer ke Pehle,
Khuda Bande se khud Puchhe, Bata Teri Razaa Kya Hai


Surjeet said…
I liked your style of writing... I think you hear lot of ghazals and Jagjit singh music... :) Its good interpretation... at least you have the connection of those lines with your real life somewhere :) But i do not see any of your blogs coming after July last year.. may be that time you joined your new company... hectic schedule.. :)

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