The Ayodhya Verdict...Gandhi Jayanti

While studying Engg sciences,we were asked to design structures and carry out stress tests on them to check its stability. While analyzing companies, we carried out similar stress tests, to check their credit worthiness in extreme circumstances..their ability to service the debt….as a Nation, we underwent a similar stress test yesterday.

So what were the stressors, what did we shock? We shocked the cultural fabric, co-existence, tolerance, shocked the national integration, the humanity itself, taking it to a break point. The only difference was that unlike the routine stress tests which are conducted in a controlled environment, this was played out live into production.

The Ayodhya verdict, long standing one, looking into contentious question of who has the title and whom should the possession be handed over to was one of most speculated one's in recent times. Every one waited with bated breath. All over in offices, in residences, in neighbourhoods, hundreds of opinions were voiced. More importantly, the discussion also focused, what will this lead to? As the time arrived, you could see a sense of relief and fear. Very rarely you see both the emotions together. Relief that it will be finally off the back and fear that it will this lead to some sort of unrest. Indians made their intentions known but also played safe, just in case some mischievous elements.

But the message was loud and clear, both by the judiciary and the people of India, message of moving on, of sacrifice, of co-existence…both of them exhibited statesmanship making it clear that we can’t stay buried in the past, future beckons us and we need to seize the moment…

Forget recoverability from this extreme shock event, we came out in flying colours. India surprised itself, emerged stronger and more confident, making a new beginning in national integration build-up story. The foundation proved to be much more stable than it was imagined and the credit truly and only goes to citizens of India. For once, Gandhi Jayanti or the International Non-Violence Day, was celebrated in its true spirit.

Jai Ho.


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